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My Planner System: How I Stay Super Organized

It’s no secret just how organized and productive you can be with a paper planner. It is the ultimate tool for motivation, time management, and decreased stress. As a financial educator I encourage my clients and students to create a planning system to begin their financial journey. Knowing how to manage your life will play…

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Why should you have budgeting categories? If you want your budget to be effective, it needs to be broken down and organized into ways that you can understand.   Putting your expenses into categories or groups will help you make better financial decisions.  I wanted to share with you the 10 budgeting categories that we…

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Most entrepreneurs have the same personality type. Ambitious, risk-taking individuals who will forego the comfort and stability of a 9-to-5 job to jump willingly into the unknown.   If you have recently taken this leap with the goal of being an entrepreneur, I applaud you! You have done what most others won’t. I recently taught…

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Are you ready to create some life-changing habits that will catapult your productivity to another level? Well, this post is definitely for you! These 5 habits helped me change how I attacked my day and I’m thinking they will help you too. 1.) Adopting a Minimalist Mindset   If you haven’t read “The Life Changing…

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Plan & Pray: 3 Reasons To Use A Faith Planner

Faith planning doesn’t have to be complicated. I use my faith planner as an act of worship, writing prayers, expressing gratitude, and meditating on God’s word. In my opinion, it can be as simple as writing out daily scriptures to reflect on what I am reading and focusing on what it means to me. The…

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Almost Adulting

A generation is being forced to grow up. 🤪   Pulled and dragged into doing things that we basically don’t want to do as a responsible person. Wash & fold laundry, pay bills, save for retirement, and make our own doctor’s appointments; it’s overwhelming.   So we have developed one word as a coping mechanism,…

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