Are you wondering how to be more productive? In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it can be
very difficult to keep motivated and productive. While many of us can create a plan, being able to
follow it is the real challenge.

Understanding how to be consistent with your paper planner is crucial to your success, so to help
you, here are five top tips to make you more productive.

1) Identify why you need your paper planner before you purchase one
One of the biggest mistakes people make is to purchase a planner first and then trying to
decide how they are going to use it. This is a common mistake as many of us want to change
our lives to fit the planner instead of finding a planner that fits their life.

When the planner does not fit your life, you will be less likely to use it, and it will soon be
forgotten. Choosing the wrong planner will result in you feeling like they just simply do not
work for you, when the reality is it is the planner that is not working.

Knowing how to choose the right planner can be tough. There are a wide array of designs
and styles available, and it can be very easy to get caught up with those that look the most

Knowing what you need your paper planner to do is the best way to find the right one. You
should write down all of the goals you want to achieve and how your planner will help you
achieve them. If you are a part of TOM Academy on my Patreon, you can head over to my
course site and watch the full class on the topic for free.

2) Keep it visible and open

The best way to be more productive with your planner is to have a routine. Repeating
regular things every single time you are about to plan will help make it become part of your

For me, I wake up, shower, get dressed, get my coffee, and go to my desk. Once at my desk,
my planner is already open and ready for me, and it is easier for me to plan. For some
people, creating routines can be difficult due to family or personal commitments meaning
finding regular time can be tough.

If this is you, try placing your planner in a room you frequent most regularly. For example, if
you have to make breakfast every morning for your kids, then the kitchen counter might be
a great place. Having it in a place you can see it regularly, will ensure you are consistent with
your planning.

3) Stop forcing it

Sometimes, things just might not seem right. If your planner is in the right place and despite
your best efforts, you are still struggling, then stop trying to force it. If you are struggling,
then it is important to remember that it is not you, but the planner.

I struggled at the beginning of my planning journey; there was a particular planner that
everyone was using, and I so wanted this planner to work for me. I tried week after week,
but it just simply was not working for me.

At first, I thought I simply was not a good paper planner, but in reality, I just had not found
my exact style. I realized afterward that having a disc bound planner where I could remove
and add pages and change the color of my planner pages was what I needed. You can only
learn these things with time, so as you go through your planning journey, make sure that
you give yourself the time to learn.

4) Keep it Simple

Another top tip is to not overcomplicate your planner. If you have to have a fully decorated,
sticker styled planner with no mistakes, it will make it extremely difficult to maintain and

Sometimes I have stickers, and sometimes I don't. One day, I have a fully detailed day, while
another day, I will just mark through and start over again. I use white-out, I scratch out
things, and I never stress about how messy my planner is. The key is to not overwhelm
yourself about the prettiness of your planner and remember that you are using it to plan and
to help you be more productive.
5) Accept your planning system is going to change

Equally, you need to remember that over time the way you plan can change. Right now, I am
super detailed and keep everything in my planner, but when my kids were younger, I just did
not have the time for that, so I focused on only adding the highlights.

I use an hourly planner now, but for a few years, the vertical style was my go-to style. Over
time, things will definitely change, and each month I evaluate my system to make sure that it
is still working for me.

So if you are wondering how to be consistent with your planner, or you are looking to make yourself
more productive, these top tips can help you. Want to find out more ways to become more
organized? Then The Organized Money is here to help you, so get in touch today!