What do you do when cash envelopes aren’t working?!


I tried everything to get my cash envelopes to work for me but I kept running into the same 3 problems.


The first issue, I didn’t have enough cash to fund them all. I would always have to choose how much to pull from the ATM and which envelopes I was going to use that week. It would make the process really overwhelming.


The second issue, I was not comfortable pulling out that much money from the ATM on a weekly basis and keeping it on me. What if my purse was stolen or I lost my wallet? 😩


The third issue, I would always borrow money from the envelopes regardless of the categories and lose track of how I spent the money. I felt like I wasn’t really getting the full benefits from the cash envelope system.


It wasn’t until I started a new process that I realized how to make spending cash work for me. Two major changes completely revamped how I approach using cash to keep up with my spending in my weekly budget.


If you are having issues with cash envelopes and you are looking for options then try this out and let me know how it works for you!