Almost Adulting

A generation is being forced to grow up. 🤪


Pulled and dragged into doing things that we basically don’t want to do as a responsible person. Wash & fold laundry, pay bills, save for retirement, and make our own doctor’s appointments; it’s overwhelming.


So we have developed one word as a coping mechanism, a word that helps us navigate as we transition from childhood to adulthood. This word was created by turning the word Adult into a verb and call it Adulting.”


Now, adult is no longer something you are but it’s something that you do.

The challenging part about “adulting” is there is no guide. No rulebook to assist you on your journey and there is so much to do.


How do you figure it all out and get your life together? Well….that’s where The Organized Money can help.


The Organized Money has broken down “adulting” into four manageable areas.



Sharing techniques and strategies on ways to plan your life. Paper planning, to-do apps, electronic planning and everything in-between. Being able to make and execute solid plans are the first step to being a fully functioning adult.



Once you have a solid plan the next step is to learn how to manage your time effectively. Videos on time tracking, routines, and creating habits teaches you things that your schooling never could.



An organized space gives you an organized mind. The next step into being able to execute your plans and get things done is to keep your space simplified. Having a place everything and keeping track of your items will ensure that you won’t feel overwhelmed.


Managing Money

Being able to manage money is a crucial to Adulting. We discuss budgeting, saving money, investing, hacks, and other money strategies. The videos are there to help you develop a system that will help you on your path to financial prosperity.


In the month of December, I did an Adulting 101 series. It was a series of 25 videos to help you get started on your adulting journey. These videos will live on youtube to help you get prepped and ready for 2019.


If you missed any of the videos (CLICK HERE), to watch the series. I hope these videos will inspire you to continue to organize your life so you can achieve your dreams.


Do you have any adulting video ideas for 2019? Let me know! Reply to this email and submit a topic you think we should tackle in 2019.