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The Power of Budgeting on Paper

In the digital age, where apps and software make managing finances easier than ever, the old-fashioned method of budgeting on paper might seem outdated. However, there’s a timeless simplicity and effectiveness to putting pen to paper when it comes to managing your money. In fact, budgeting on paper can be a powerful tool that not…

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5 Strategies For Planning During Uncertain Times

  How do you plan your life when everything is uncertain? Your life is complete chaos because….. You just had a baby You are moving Your job is unpredictable You have to quickly leave town because of a Hurricane (? This one might just be for me….All my Southerns can relate) It can feel as…

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How To Repair Your Credit In 5 Steps

Living with bad credit is tough! It makes many things impossible, difficult or more expensive. Nowadays, insurance companies, utility companies , and even certain employers will check your credit score before making an employment decision. Your credit score could be the difference between having to pay a security deposit or getting the job of your…

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